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Uniform shop

Our uniforms can be purchased at Lowes Marrickville Metro.

Lowes Marrickville Metro is located Shop 47/34 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204. 


Opening Hours: 

Monday: 9am–5:30pm

Tuesday: 9am–5:30pm

Wednesday: 9am–5:30pm

Thursday: 9am–9pm

Friday: 9am–5:30pm

Saturday: 9am–5pm

Sunday: 10am–4pm


There are multiple aspects to our school uniform. For more information on uniform and pricing, you can contact Lowes Marrickville Metro on  (02) 9519 7580 or visit their website: https://www.lowes.com.au/schools-online/dulwich-high-school-of-visual-arts-design 

Second hand uniform shop

Our school runs a second hand clothing shop to recycle and reuse our old uniforms. We gratefully accept all donations of uniform items that are no longer needed and are still in good condition. If you would like to donate any uniform items, please bring them to the administration office marked to the attention of Mr Konistis. 

Please don't forget to label all items with your name. All uniform items in lost property with no names will be donated to the clothing pool.

Purchasing, financing and location

At the second hand uniform shop, items are sold for a fraction of the price. The retail services students gain necessary sales experience through the shop's management and presentation. All proceeds from the second hand uniform shop will be given to students who need financial assistance with school activities and requirements.

The second hand uniform shop is located in school administration building. It is supervised by Mr Laki Konistis. 

If you need a uniform, you can also email Mr Konistis laki.konistis@det.nsw.edu.au with your requirements and we can check to see if we have requested items available. They can be purchased from the finance portion of the administration building.

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