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Senior Drama

The HSC course comprises:

•      Australian Drama and Theatre (Core component)

•      Studies in Drama and Theatre

•      The Group Performance (Core component)

•      The Individual Project.


Rationale for Drama in Stage 6 Curriculum

Drama is an art form that explores the world through enactment. It is a collaborative art form that involves the creative interaction of individuals using a range of artistic skills. Drama is an important means of understanding, constructing, appreciating and communicating social and cultural values; interpreting, valuing and transmitting the past and traditions; exploring, celebrating and challenging the present and imagining the future.

Drama can be employed as a technique for exploring personal and community issues and developing social skills. It caters for a broad range of students from varying social and cultural backgrounds. It allows for the exploration of attitudes and values of many groups in Australian society as students make, perform and critically study aspects of drama and theatre in Australian and other societies and cultures.

The study of Drama will develop the talents and capacities of all students – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, creative and expressive – as well as developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

This course provides opportunities for students to develop a range of skills and the opportunity to concentrate on areas of personal interest.

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