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ATAR, Category A, Board Developed Course

2 Units in each of Preliminary and HSC

What will I be doing in this course?

Economics provides an understanding of many aspects of the economy and its operation, which are frequently reported in the media. It investigates issues such as why unemployment or inflation rates change and how these changes will impact on individuals in society.

Economics develops students' knowledge and understanding of the operation of the global and Australian economy. It develops the analytical, problem-solving and communication skills of students. There is a strong emphasis on the problems and issues in a contemporary Australian economic context within the course.


The Preliminary course covers:

  • Introduction to Economics – the nature of economics and the operation of an economy
  • Consumers and Business – the role of consumers and business in the economy
  • Markets – the role of markets, demand, supply and competition
  • Labour Markets – the workforce and role of labour in the economy
  • Financial Markets – the financial market in Australia including the share market
  • Government in the Economy – the role of government in the Australian economy.

The HSC course covers:

  • The Global Economy – features of the global economy and globalisation
  • Australia's Place in the Global Economy – Australia's trade and finance
  • Economic Issues – issues including growth, unemployment, inflation, wealth and management
  • Economic Policies and Management – the range of policies to manage the economy.

What should I be able to do at the end of the course?

  • Demonstrate effective economic thinking that contributes to responsible, competent, decision-making in a changing economy
  • Investigate and engage in effective analysis and evaluation of economic information
  • Communicate economic information, ideas and issues in appropriate form
  • Explain the role of government in economic management
  • Identify and explain current economic issues.


How will this course help me in the future?             

Economics is recommended study for anyone contemplating a career in accountancy, business, industrial relations, management, advertising, marketing, real estate or administration. The successful study of Economics will give credit transfer to a range of Business courses at TAFE NSW as well as being recommended study for university study in a business related field. It would also be valuable to those individuals who wish to be self-employed.