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Special religious education

Special religious education at DHSVAD

The NSW public education system provides time in class for education in faith, morality and ethics from a religious or non-religious perspective. Currently, each year group from 7 to 10 at DHSVAD has one lesson per term. All lesson providers are approved in accordance with DEC working with children policy.

Students are allocated to these lessons based upon their selection as provided at enrolment or in writing from the parent/carer at any time thereafter. Students who do not attend one of these special education lessons will remain in their usual timetabled classes under teacher supervision.

To change your child’s selection, or for further information about Special Religious Education (SRE) and Special Education in Ethics (SEE), please read the school’s participation letter

Lesson options are currently provided by the Anglican, Catholic and Greek Orthodox denominations. For more information about each of these SRE providers, including their authorised curriculum scopes and sequences, please visit their websites:

Anglican SRE is provided by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.


Catholic SRE is provided by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.


Greek Orthodox SRE is provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.