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Business Studies

ATAR Category A, Board Developed Course

2 Units in each of Preliminary and HSC


What will I be doing in this course?

Business Studies investigates the role, operation and management of businesses within our society. Factors in the establishment, operation and management of a small business are integral to this course. Students investigate the role of global business and its impact on Australian business. Students develop research and independent learning skills in addition to analytical and problem-solving competencies through their research projects, which investigate the operation of a small business or, planning the establishment of a small business.


In the Preliminary course students study:

  • Nature of Business (20%) – the nature and role of business
  • Business Management (40%) – the nature and responsibilities of management
  • Business Planning (40%) – establishing and planning a small to medium enterprise.


In the HSC course students study:

  • Operations (25%) – strategies for effective operations management
  • Marketing (25%) – development and implementation of successful marketing strategies
  • Finance (25%) – financial information in the planning and management of business
  • Human Resources (25%) – human resource management and business performance.


What should I be able to do at the end of the course?

  • Understand the nature, role and structure of business
  • Appreciate the functions, processes and operations of business
  • Understand the role of effective business management
  • Investigate, analyse and evaluate business issues
  • Communicate business information using appropriate formats
  • Apply mathematical concepts appropriate to business situations
  • Develop values and attitudes about ethical business behaviour and the social responsibility of business.


How will this course help me in the future?

The study of Business Studies provides students with knowledge, understanding and skills that form a valuable foundation for a range of courses at university and TAFE NSW as well as in the workforce and everyday life. There are opportunities for students to gain credit transfer in certificate and diploma courses at TAFE NSW. Business Studies helps to prepare students for employment and full and active participation as citizens.