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Our school wellbeing programs aim to empower students in their development as autonomous, resilient lifelong learners who have the essential skills to engage positively as socially confident citizens in today's world.

Pastoral care

KEYS (keys to educational and youth success) is whole school wellbeing program

Our pastoral care KEYS  program has been developed to holistically reflect the wellbeing framework and to support all students through targeted lessons and mentoring.

KEYS sessions are proactive ‘welfare’ sessions that include activities and educational processes that anticipate ‘critical incidents’ in students’ lives. They are aimed at preventing and reducing the need for reactive casework. They also aim to equip students with skills for success in their studies and other aspects of their lives.

Parents and carers: disability 

Parents and carers are given the opportunity to work with their local school to establish which adjustments their child needs to support learning. Visit the parent and carer hub for more information or contact our school to speak to our Head Teacher, teaching and learning.

Year advisors

Each year group has a designated year advisor who monitors and works with students with wellbeing related issues.

Parents should contact the appropriate year advisor via the school email or (02) 9560 7299 if they wish to discuss a wellbeing issue.

  • Year 7 - Mr. Platts
  • Year 8 - Mr. Sokias
  • Year 9 - Ms. Georgopoulos
  • Year 10 - Mr. Oakden
  • Year 11 - Ms. Bojkovska
  • Year 12 - Mr. Cucciniello