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Sports and Physical Activity

Physical activity in the school setting takes place in a variety of contexts and includes:

  • Formal inter & intra-school competitive sport
  • Physical education
  • Formal & informal recreation activity
  • Leisure & fitness activities
  • Outdoor adventure sports

Participation in a safe and non-threatening environment provides opportunities for students to enjoy the experience and excitement of physical activities, to develop skills, interact socially and achieve personal goals and ambitions. 

School Sport

Every Tuesday, students from Years 7-10 partake in a sport of their choice. This gives them the opportunity to participate in either competitive or recreational activities. 

  • Summer Sport runs in Term 1 and Term 4 
  • Winter Sport runs through Terms 2 & 3

It is important that the students choose their sports wisely as there is no changing of sports choices throughout the year.

School Carnivals

There are three school sports carnivals throughout the year: 

  • Swimming Carnival 
  • Cross Country Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival